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Latest Version: 1.5

gattMath is a free educational math program that show some concepts behind Integral and Differential Calculus, like Riemann, Simpson, Darboux, Trapezoid and Monte-Carlo sum, derivative, tangent, ... and sure a plotter (2D and 3D).
The intention is to help students from universities or any introductory Calculus courses, illustrating some points of the Integral and Differential Calculus based on Numeric Calculus.

The main of the program is the integration algorithms (at least 8), showing their geometric (graphical) meaning with of course the correspondent result.

Supported interface languages: English, Portuguese, French.


gattMath 1.5 ZIP Windows XP, Vista, Seven
gattMath 1.5 ZIP Linux, Mac, Solaris, others...: need Java Virtual Machine (JVM 6+)




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